Friday, September 30, 2016

Flashback Friday

I've been on vacation since last Friday, and today is the last official vacation day.  Yes, I know I have the weekend, but that doesn't count.  But I digress.  It's my last official day of vacation, and I have to be honest and say I'm ready to get back to my daily routine.  Note that I didn't say "normal" routine; we all know that "normal" is just a setting on a washing machine.  

Back in the day when I was younger, I would dread the last day of my vacation. Now that I'm in my 50's, I like my daily routine.  I know what time to get up; I know what time meetings are; I know what time lunch and supper are going to be, etc.  You get the picture.  

It seems like I've been on vacation for a month instead of a week and a day.  That's because we crammed a ton of fun in those days off.  But it's time for me and The 'Rents to get back to our regularly scheduled daily activities.


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Rainy Days and Thursdays Do Not Get Me Down

It rained a lot today on my second-to-last work-day of vacation (I still have tomorrow and the regularly scheduled weekend) but it didn't matter at all because I was not at work.  The relatives and I did a lot of running around today and the rain didn't stop us from having a good time. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Do You Believe In Omens?

I am going to share something that has been on my heart for a few months now: I'm thinking about dissolving Good Shepherd Security Consultants.  I haven't had any paying customers in two years, and it's getting very, very disheartening.  

Today, I think I might have gotten a sign to just put an end to it all: one of the GSSC magnetic signs on the Odyessy came off today during our trip to Cousin Wayne's farm.  

Maybe I'm overreacting, but we'll see.  I'm going to give it one more full year (the end of fiscal year 2017).  If I don't get any paying customers, or if I don't get any prayerful answers from God next year, then I think it might time to end it.  

As always, stay tuned. 


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

News From The Compound

TWIT and I would like to thank Cousin Craig for climbing up the ladder and hanging our Pap's Barn Art custom painted Carpenter's Wheel quilt block on our garage this weekend.  We hope that everyone in our neighborhood will see it and want to buy one.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Debate? What Debate?

While most of America was glued to their TVs tonight watching the Presidential debate, my family and I are outside under the gazebo with a fire in the fire pit, enjoying the company and conversation, and laughing and sharing memories.  And making new memories.  This was a much better choice tonight.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Gala Recap

Yesterday seemed like a blur, with all of the day-long activities at The Gala.  But it was an awesome day, and the best part was all of us kinfolk getting to be together.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Gala Eve

Just like with Derby Eve, we are celebrating and partying tonight on Gala Eve.  Tomorrow is the long-anticipated Gala, to celebrate my Sweet Mother's birthday.  

We have one trip to the liquor store on the schedule for tomorrow, with a stop at the ice hut, and then it's game on.  

Today, we made the Awesome Beans, Shrimp Dip, baked a Decadent Carrot Cake, and got provisions in for tomorrow. 

For the rest of the night, we're on cruise control and are celebrating my Sweet Mother's Birthday.